What is International Honours United?

Learn more about our mission, vision, and goals.



International Honours United (IHOU) seeks to establish a global pool of resources and honours students/alumni/faculty members within the international honours
network related to upcoming events, educational activities, etc.
These will be published on the online platform along with enrolment possibilities, facilitating new growth and learning opportunities for honours.


We envision a community of driven and motivated students of honours, those with a true global mindset, holding firmly the belief that there are no borders when it comes to self-development and exchanging knowledge. This is the world of Talent 2.0, a world in which we grow up with new technologies advancing by the minute, and unlimited access to knowledge. A world where honours students and alumni from all over the world are accommodated in their mutual exchange of information and the creation of new opportunities!


  • Build an online community that supports internationalization at home.
  • Aim to increase participation in various international/ intercultural events organized by the faculties that facilitate easy registration.
  • Connect to a shared calendar, creating transparency within the IHOU community.
  • Deliver shared events (based on the ambition of the participants – minimum three per year).