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International Honours United!

International Honours United (IHOU) was launched in August 2022 as an initiative to create an international network for honour students and alumni, to become networked and connected with fellow honours students from all over the world.

Globally, honours institutions facilitate numerous international events
(online or on site) to mobilize and galvanise students to collaborate internationally, to connect, challenge and inspire.

The intention of this platform seeks to support and align modules related to international competence, intercultural communication, global leadership, cultural models, and cultural adaptation.

The Aim

An International
Honours Network

IHOU seeks to establish a global pool of resources and honours students/alumni/faculty members within the honours network related to upcoming events, educational activities, etc.

Enrolment is available via the online platform, giving honours individuals the new opportunities to grow and learn! If you want to learn more, click the button below!


Numerous networking opportunities

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Interdisciplinary collaboration is networked, fosters emotional intelligence, innovation within an international team, and places emphasis on the value of collaboration.

Global connections are diverse, which strengthens intercultural communication skills, encouraging students to be authentic and meaningful in their cross-cultural encounters when studying abroad is curtailed for various reasons.

Why do we need an honours network?

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